GRIT in the Media


Once you have helped your students understand the meaning of GRIT, and they have had an opportunity to express how GRIT relates to them, you want to make sure you provide opportunities for students to continue to understand/discuss GRIT in the classroom.  Including a warm-up activity or exit activity are great ways to keep the discussion going about GRIT.

To do this, choose a short video clip related to GRIT (no longer than 5 minutes) and have students identify the component of GRIT that is addressed in the video.  This can be done in a discussion or through an informal assessment like an exit ticket (if you are showing the clip at the end of class).

I use my grit-cards. I print out a set of these all on different colored cardstock. When students are finished watching the video, they hold up their GRIT card, and we discuss.

I also use the survey function in Kahoot!  I insert one of these videos, and with one survey question, I ask students to identify the dimension of GRIT they recognize in the video.

Movie clips and commercials are great tools for these short videos. Here are a few videos that I’ve identified for use in the classroom.  Feel free to post any video clips you have found.

  • Dancing with the Stars 2017 and Victoria Arlen.  One of my students posted this in a discussion forum. Students were asked to find real life examples of grit/growth mindset.


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