GRIT Reflections


It is important that students have opportunities to reflect on their gritty behaviors (or the lack thereof).  There are a few ways that this can be done throughout the semester.  Here are a few sheets that I created in 2015 to help my students be more gritty.

  1. grit-analysis – In Fall 2015, I created this document for my students.  This is given to students when a major assignment is assigned.  Students are asked to select one component of GRIT that they will work on for this particular assignment. When they turn in the major assignment, they also turn in this GRIT check.  Before I go over the GRIT analysis, I share the following video with my students:  Get Gritty With It!
  2. Sample Assignment Planning Worksheet – Before students work on an assignment, they can use this sheet to reflect on specific ways that they can demonstrate gritty behaviors.  This can be used in lieu of the GRIT analysis, or it can be used for other assignments.  This sheet will need to be adapted for your own classes.
  3. Now What – This sheet is designed for students who experience a setback while in your class.  Students are asked to identify the setback and are given suggestions for persisting.  Students will also identify a component of GRIT that they can work on.  Finally, the student writes a plan to overcome the setback.
  4. autopsy-of-the-test – Before students take a test/quiz, have them examine ways that they have prepared for the test by filling out the top of this sheet.  After they receive their grade on the test, have students fill in the bottom portion of this handout.  When students do not do as well as they hoped, they can now attribute this to a lack of preparation, which is within their own control.

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