Infusing Technology


“Integrating technology with face-to-face teacher time generally produces better academic outcomes than employing either technique alone.” – Edutopia

Adobe Spark Video

Don’t let the name “Adobe” trick you!  This is a completely free tool, and it is super easy to use.  Adobe Spark Video allows you to create short videos that introduce a topic, teach a topic, or even review a topic.  Formerly Adobe Voice, this online video editor is good for making learning accessible for your visual learners, students who may have learning disabilities, students who are non-native English speakers, and more.

My students used Adobe Spark Video to create their GRIT stories.  Here are a few other ways that I have used Adobe Spark Video for my classes.

  1. Chapter Overview
  2. Review for a previous lesson
  3. My 4th grade son created one as well for a school project.   Here is his video.

You can also upload your videos directly to YouTube!!!  Students use Adobe Spark Video for projects or other assignments as well.

Quizlet Live

If you don’t know, Quizlet allows teachers and students to create study tools.  You can enter terms and definitions, share the list with your students, and they can review the content with flashcards, tests, or games.  Last Spring, Quizlet launched Quizlet Live.  With 6 or more students, teachers can turn their flashcards into interactive, competitive games.  I have used Quizlet live in my classes, and my students LOVE IT.  I love it as well because students are just “finding the answer,” they are reading, discussing, problem solving, and yes, competing!  Recently I found an article on different ways that we can play Quizlet Live in the classroom.  I plan on implementing some of these ideas in my class as we review for the final exam:  Different Ways of Playing Quizlet Live.

Click on the Quizlet icon to get started with Quizlet.  Oh, and did I mention, there’s also a quizlet app? You can’t use the app to play Live, but students can use it to study the lists that you’ve shared with them.


Jeopardy Rocks


As we approach the end of the Fall semester, we head into the season of assessment.  Whether a benchmark, midterm, or final exam, we are moving into the time where we ask students to demonstrate their understanding of what they have been learning.  It is my belief that we should give formative assessments before we give a summative assessment; in other words, we need to check for understanding before the test. If we use formative assessment and find that students don’t get something, we have an opportunity to reteach and help make sure that students learn what they need to learn.

One formative assessment tool that I happened upon recently is Jeopardy Rocks.  Now, I’ve used several Jeopardy templates in PowerPoint, like the Quiz Show, but I never really keep score because it can be cumbersome.  Jeopardy Rocks allows you to create a jeopardy game, and when you play the game live in class, you can take score without having to do the math on your own.  No longer do you have to try to keep score on a sheet of scratch paper or the chalkboard.  This game adds points for correct answers and deducts points for incorrect answers!

Get started now by going to

Using Emaze for Engaging Presentations


What is Emaze?

Emaze is a cloud-based presentation tool.  Emaze is as easy to use as PowerPoint. Once you pick a template, there are built-in design slides.  It is also very easy to add YouTube videos to your presentations.  And, since Emaze is cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about forgetting or losing your USB. Simply log in to Emaze while in class, and your class will be able to view the presentation as you teach.

Example of Emaze

Here is an Emaze I created on how my students can develop GRIT. by emaze

Getting Started with Emaze

Click here to view the Emaze Tutorial Playlist.  Start making your presentations emazing today!!!


What is Mentimeter?

Mentimeter is an audience response system that allows participants to visualize responses to answers with real-time graphs and charts.”  To learn more about what mentimeter can do, watch the video below.

How can I use Mentimeter?

Mentimeter can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. Instructors can poll their students at the beginning of class to determine what students did not understand in the homework and/or assigned chapter reading.
  2. With the scales option, instructors can create anticipation guides to introduce a new topic.
  3. A quick, multiple choice question, or even short answer could be great ways to end class.  Exit Tickets such as these allow the instructor to know what may need to be re-taught.

What else do I need to know about Mentimeter?

  • There is a free app for voting.  Students can download this app if this is a tool you will use frequently.
  • To create polls, the instructor must log on to
  • In the free version, instructors can only include 2 questions per presentation; however, instructors can create an unlimited number of presentations.
  • Polls can be presenter-paced or audience paced.

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