Training I’ve Developed and Facilitated

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Conference Presentations

  • GRIT: Know it and Grow It. Presented at Texas Community College Teachers Association’s Conference. (February 2017).
  • Grit Matters. Presented at Lone Star College-Kingwood’s Adjunct Faculty Conference. (January 2017).
  • Teaching with GRIT in Mind.   Presented at Houston Independent School District’s Paraprofessional Forum. (November 2016).
  • The 21st Century College Student. Presented at the TEACH Conference, Tomball, TX (October 2016).
  • Train the Technical Teacher. Presented at Lone Star College’s Train the Technical Trainer Workshop. (May 2015, January 2016 and August 2016)
  • Back to Basics, but Take Them to the Future.  Presented at Lone Star College’s Teaching & Learning Conference (Mach 2015).
  • Don’t Compromise Your Course Strengthen It: Critical Thinking Ideas for Smart IRW Classes.  Presented at College Academic Support Programs Conference (September 2014).
  • The 21st Century Classroom – Collaboration through Technology.  Presented at Lone Star College’s Teaching & Learning Conference(March 2014).
  • STEP it up: Students Thinking, Engaging, and Participating with Video.  Presented at Lone Star College’s Instructional Technology Symposium (March 2013).
  • Free iPad Apps for Teaching and Learning.  Presented at Lone Star College’s Higher Education Teaching Institute Technology Showcase (August 2012).
  • Adjunct Success and Retention 101. Presented at National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development Conference (May 2012).
  • 10 More Alternatives to the Boring Classroom.  Presented at College Academic Support Programs Conference (November 2012).
  • 10 Alternatives to the Boring Classroom. Presented at College Academic Support Programs Conference (2011).

LSC-Tomball Campus Presentations

  • The GRIT Model in the Classroom. Presented at the Inaugural GRIT Summit @ Lone Star College – Tomball (October 2016).
  • Telling Your GRIT Story. Presented at Lone Star College-Tomball (September 2016).
  • GRIT Training.  Presented during Lone Star College-Tomball’s Fall 2016 Welcome Week (August 2016).
  • New Adjunct Orientation.  Presented at Lone Star College-Tomball’s Adjunct Inservice (August 2016).
  • The 20 Minute Talk. Presented at Lone Star College-Tomball’s Next Step Program for Adjunct Instructors (February 2016).
  • Technophobia. Presented at Lone Star College-Tomball for COTE Lecture Series (October 2015)
  • Online Teaching.  Presented at Lone Star College – Tomball’s Adjunct Faculty Training (January 2015).
  • Classroom Management Techniques.  Presented at Lone Star College – Tomball’s Adjunct Faculty Summer Training Series (August 2014).
  • The IRW Café.  Presented at Lone Star College – Tomball Developmental Studies Integrated Reading and Writing Training (November 2013).
  • Great Ideas to Make IRW Innovative, Engaging, and Fun.  Presented at Lone Star College – University Park’s Integrated Reading and Writing Showcase (April 2013).
  • Using SoftChalk to Enhance Your Lessons.  Created for Lone Star College’s Virtual Learning Assistance Center (Spring 2012).
  • 20 Ideas for using Technology in the Classroom. Presented at Lone Star College – Tomball’s Developmental Studies Ideas Share (February 2011).